Expert Wallet
Personal financial organizer



Do you want to know where all the money goes? Organize your incomes and expenses in categories setting up as many categories you need and defining monthly budgets for each category. You can also set up shops related to categories (e.g. supermarkets) to further monitor category or shop cash flow statistics...


Review category and shop statistics monthly or yearly. Get a better grip regarding your finances...


Do you want to get notifications about the transactions that are about to expire? You can activate the notification service using the settings panel in order to get information on a daily basis about the expiring expenses. ExpertWallet notifications appear as an icon in the notification area that the user can view at any time.


The ExpertWallet widget is an essential aspect of the app customization. This informational widget displays a few crucial information elements that are important to the user in order to track the number of pending expenses, the total monthly income expenses and balance.

Transfer data to a new device

Do you need to transfer your data to a new device? You can easily export all the data from the old device and restore them on the new device from the backup file. You can also export all the data in Excel compatible format.


Expert Wallet can help you organize and manage your finances and is available for download on Google Play in English, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

Main features: widget, transactions for incomes and expenses, categories, monthly budget per category, shops, statistics monthly and yearly, notifications, data export in Excel compatible format and data transfer to a new device.

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